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Management Policy

A2P’s Management Policy is ruled by the following principles:

• Ensure customer satisfaction by meeting service requirements, as well as legal standards and requirements;
• Base relationships with suppliers on a partnership logic, considering them an integral part of the Management System;
• Maintain an assessment and qualification of the services provided by the suppliers through a Non-Conformity and Complaint analysis within their responsibility;
• Request copies of the calibration certificates and acceptance criteria whenever measuring and monitoring equipment are used by suppliers;
• Involve all employees in the Management System, being aware of their needs;
• Ensure information’s security, privacy and protection of personal data, safeguarding the rights and duties laid out by the current legislation and regulation.
• Adopt an approach that aims to prevent the environmental impacts in all activities, products, and services, as well as the compliance with environmental legal requirements;
• Systematically evaluate the results of implementing the Management System, maintaining all activities operating according to the established procedures, continuously improving its effectiveness.