Tower VTS of Lisbon Harbor (APL)

The Center for Traffic Control and Coordination of the Lisbon Harbor, which welcomed in 2000 a new control and traffic monitoring system (VTS), is installed in this tower. The building was built at the end of a jetty, created specifically for this purpose, with a length of 100 m into the Tagus River. In height, the building is characterized by its 1 / 4 (H / V) slope configuration. In plan, the configuration is almost rectangular. The internal and external walls are made of reinforced concrete 0.20m and 0.25 m thick, respectively, except for the last three storeys. The latter ones have an external façade made of glass that is supported by reinforced concrete columns and by cantilever slabs. Appropriate requirements of durability, in terms of concrete composition and in terms of coatings, were adopted considering the fact that the structure is exposed to maritime conditions. The main feature of this buildings is its apparent instability. The structure solution established the equilibrium between the inclined part with an appoints side of the buildings equivalent weight on the opposite side of the building.
Construction area:
2 100 m²
Layout surface:
250 m²
Structural type:
Solid slabs, supported by a concrete core and concrete external walls.
Number of basements:
Number of storeys:
Maximun spans:
4,5 up to 6,0 m
Slab Thickness:
0,20 m
Property owner:
Gonçalo Byrne
End of works:
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