Quinta do Marquês Secondary School

Before the intervention, the school consisted of three pavilions and a sports area. The pavilions are two storey modular buildings which date back to the 80s and early 90s.
Three new buildings were built: a classroom building; a library, a multipurpose building and a sports pavilion, with cafeteria and auditorium, among other facilities. Two footbridges, which connect the classroom buildings plus and a set of covered walkways between buildings were also built.
The total construction area is 15,800 m², 6000 m² of which correspond to existing buildings.
Main interventions:
Main interventions in in existing buildings

The existing buildings have a reinforced concrete frame structure with 7 m spans, and their main interventions comprised: implementation of new foundations, reinforcements with steel profiles to support the new shutters, demolitions and local reinforcements in existing slabs, jacketing of columns, among others.

Main interventions in new buildings

The new buildings have a reinforced concrete structure, composed of slabs with prestressed bands which are 0.45 m thick and support a span of 12.5 m in the library building and in the case of the cafeteria and auditorium are 0.65 m tick for a span of 17.8 m. The floors are supported by reinforced concrete or steel columns, and by white concrete walls. The front wall and some relevant structural elements, such as the library stairs are also made with white concrete. The roof structure of the sports pavilion consists of a series of 1,30m high steel trusses, 5,0m apart, with spans of 28,5m.
Property owner:
Parque Escolar
Victor Mestre | Sofia Aleixo, arquitectos
End of works:
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