PAREL - Coated Paper

The building, intended to process paper, is currently occupied by a car garage and stand (RTM). In plan, the building has a rectangular configuration, with an intermediate floor and a stayed roof. The middle floor, in reinforced concrete is made of precast prestressed beams and voided by ceramic elements. It is located along the main and the side facades, with 5,50 m x 100,0 m and an “L” configuration. The steel structure roof consists of IPE200 stayed sections to four Ø273,0 mm masts 18,0 m spaced, attaching the stays (Ø25 mm and Ø32 mm) that support the roof. These 12,0 m height masts are 6,0 m apart, along each longitudinal alignment. The building has undergone a number of renovations, stressing the following interventions: ramps, stairs, metal mezzanines and a metal roof suspended at existing towers along the garage entrance. A ground floor has been raised, taking advantages of the existing 6,0 m depth building walls / foundations, already executed during the construction of the building.
Construction area:
6 500 m2
Layout surface:
5 400 m2
Structural type:
Framed structure (and stayed roof)
Number of basements:
Number of storeys:
Maximun spans:
18,00 m (roof)
Slab Thickness:
Property owner:
End of works:
1990 e 2002 (remodelação)
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