NERSANT Building

The construction consists of two parts (A and B). Part A consists of two rectangular blocks, connected by a transition body that links the whole part A to B. The A has an auditorium and a service area. The structure is supported by a central frame consisting of two pairs of masts connected by beams, which are also suspended by mast ties. The main structure is complemented by cross beams connected to each other and to the main beams and mast. The body B, for the showroom, consists of a large rectangular nave, in plan. The structure is in the main axis of the building, and consists of three pairs of reinforced concrete columns and a lattice girder of two identical 24.0 m spans. The section is defined by two overlapping inverted triangles of 3,0 m high enclosed by the truss with two curved members running from the principle girders to the tie-beam, as an arch shape made of tubular steel section. It is a stayed structure.
Construction area:
4 000 m²
Layout surface:
3 200 m²
Structural type:
Framed (and cable stayed roof)
Number of basements:
Number of storeys:
Maximun spans:
18,00 m
Slab Thickness:
Property owner:
Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Santarém
José Soalheiro, Teresa Castro, Ana P. Calheiros
End of works:
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