Library Roof (Santa Maria de Alcobaça Abbey)

The library belongs to the complex known as the Santa Maria de Alcobaça Abbey, which dates back to the 12th century and has undergone several expansions and interventions throughout the years. This library, built in the 17thcentury, comprises numerous key works regarding national history. Besides its main building’s roof, with an area of approximately 48x13 m², the intervention also included the southern wing of the library’s cloister (Claustro do Rachadoiro) and the transition to the sacristy. The prevailing materials in these bodies are masonry and stonemasonry in walls and timber in roofs.
Main pathologies:
Consequences of the presence of water in the roof, mainly infiltrations and moisture stains. Brown rot and attack of timber elements, the latter caused by xylophagous insects. Excessive deflections, which might have led to the collapse of the structures in the long run.
Main interventions:
Strengthening of the timber roof structure with new support and bracing elements.

Reconstruction of tie beams near the supports and strengthening of connections between timber elements.

Replacement of severely degraded elements.

Construction of new roof structures both for the southern wing of the library’s cloister and the transition to the sacristy.

Creation of a walkway to allow maintenance access to both the roof structure and the ceiling plasterworks.
Property owner:
Gonçalo Byrne and Falcão de Campos
Constragraço – Construções Civis Lda
End of works:
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