Figueira da Foz Bridge

Bridge: 405,0 m (225,0 m+ 90,0 m + 90,0 m).
Cable-stayed bridge, with 12 ties per tower and central
span of 225,0 m.
Deck formed by two beams type I with 2,0 m in height
connected by cross beams and bracing.
Reinforced concrete slab with variable thickness
from 0,13 m to 0,20 m.

Viaduct: 315,0 m (Left - 7 x 45,0 m) and
630,0 m (Right - 14 x 45 m).
Prestressed concrete deck with 4 longitudinal beams
with variable height of 2,0 m to 2,5 m and variable width of  0,4 m to 0,6 m, connected by transverse girder (1/3 span) .
The slab thickness is variable from 0,18 m to 0,22m.
The deck width is 20,60 m.

Towers: Inverted V configuration, in reinforced concrete, with
about 85 m height above average water level.
Main pathologies:
Insufficient reinforcement cover. Poor quality of steel elements painting. Alkali-silica reaction in concrete. Cracking of approach viaducts beams. Insufficient resistant capacity for present seismic action.
Main interventions:
Reinforcement with external prestressing of cross beams at the top of the towers.
Reinforcement of the anchorage system at the deck transition piers through high resistance bars.
General rehabilitation, including local steel repair and concrete structures protection.
Strengthening the longitudinal beams of approach viaducts with external prestressing.
Introduction of energy dissipation for seismic protection
Original Project:
Prof. Edgar Cardoso
Property owner:
Rehabilitation Project:
End of works:
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