Duarte Pacheco Viaduct

Consisting of 2 overpasses and 3 arches, with a 355,10m length (45,0m – 85,6 m – 94 m – 85,6 m – 45,0 m) separated by 4 transition piers. A 24 m wide deck supported by 10 longitudinal beams of variable height (1,2 m to 1,9 m for viaducts, 0,75 m to 1,2 m for Central arch and 0,65 m to 0,81 m for lateral arches), joined by transverse girders. Each pier alignment has 4 columns for the viaducts and central arch and 3 columns for side arches. Side arches: Deck with 10 bays and a 40 m span arch, formed by three parallel ribs with a width of 3,1 m and a variable height of 0,8 m to 1,5 m. Central Arch: Deck composed of 12 bays and a 91,8 m span arch, formed by two parallel ribs with a width of 7 m and a variable height of 1,4 m to 2,8m. Viaducts: composed of 5 spans of 16,35 m. Main Pilasters: hollows, 29 m long, 3,8 m to 6,1 m variable width and 43 m height.
Main pathologies:
Concrete expansive reactions. Cracking of concrete and reinforcement corrosion. Insufficient strength of lateral longitudinal beams to vertical actions. Steel bearings with corrosion. Damage at the top of transition piers.
Main interventions:
Local repairs.
General protection of concrete surfaces.
Deck waterproofing.
Strengthening of lateral longitudinal beams with carbon fiber laminate. Bearings replacement or rehabilitation.
Reconstruction of cantilever slab of sidewalks.
Reconstruction of the top of the transition piers.

Original Project:
Eng. João Barbosa Carmona
(Checked by Eng. Edgar Cardoso)
Property owner:
Rehabilitation Project:
A2P and Eng. Duarte Gaspar
End of works:
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