Domingos Sequeira Secondary School– Refurbishment and Expansion

This secondary school was initially composed of three buildings with masonry walls and reinforced concrete slabs. Three new buildings were built: a library, a multisport pavilion and an entrance hall. Covered walkways connecting the buildings were also built. The construction area is 13 776 m², of which 8 249 m² belong to the existing buildings.
Main interventions:
Existing buildings:
The structural intervention in the existing buildings included the following measures: seismic retrofit, slab and foundation retrofit, repair of cracked masonry walls, concrete structures and timber elements. The architectural intervention also led to some small structural changes.

New buildings:
The new library and entrance hall are composed of reinforced concrete frame structures, while the multisport pavilion is composed of steel structures.
The library façade has prestressed deep beams with spans of 9,0 m. The roof structure of the multisport pavilion is composed of variable height steel trusses.
Property owner:
Parque Escolar
Bfj Arquitectos
Consórcio Ramos Catarino S.A.,Tecnovia S.A,
Tecnovia Açores S.A., Marques S.A.
End of works:
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