Centro Ismaeli Center of Lisbon

The building’s basement is used for car parking and also for technical services, the ground floor serves religious and cultural life activities and the upper floor is for administrative offices and education. The solution was based on high technology, using prestressed concrete, steel and stone, in order to harmoniously match a unique architectural design. The Ismaeli Center is separated into five blocks by expansion joints. The first block includes the entrance and reception, the exhibition area and the cloisters surrounding the central courtyard. It is supported by vertical reinforced concrete elements and by wall structures with steel elements and masonry. This vertical structure supports a stayed roof. The roof includes a set of 2,50 m radius spherical dome supported by an octagonal grid of steel tubs supported by 8 ties, converging 2 ties on each 90º angle node. The second block with large spans (20 m) and a prestressed concrete structure is the multi-purpose hall. The remaining blocks (3, 4 and 5), includes the main hall, the Jamatkana space and the Praying room. In the latter case the 25,0 m x 35,0 m roofing at a height of 10,0 m has no internal columns and is made up of 2,50 m radius domes, similar to the ones used in the first block.
Construction area:
10 000 m²
Layout surface:
4 000 m²
Structural type:
Reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel and stone.
Number of basements:
Maximun spans:
20,0 m
Slab Thickness:
piles with Ø 0,60 m and Ø 0,80 m
Property owner:
ISMACO / Aga Khan Foundation
Raj Rewal - Frederico Valsassina
End of works:
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