Centro de Arte e Cultura (Palácio da Inquisição | Casas Pintadas)

The Palácio da Inquisição and Casas Pintadas buildings have a common origin which dates back to the 16th century. The Palácio da Inquisição is the result of a profound modification of the existing block, which has been subjected to several expansions and reconstructions. The core of the Casas Pintadas stems from the aggregation of independent buildings and preserves some medieval traces, such as different types of vaults and arches. This intervention is a part of the creation of the Centro de Arte e Cultura developed by Fundação Eugénio de Almeida.
Main pathologies:
Palacio da Inquisição:
Inadequate floor and roof slab solutions, decay of wood elements with the presence of woodworm and brown rot, decay of wooden window frames which allowed the presence of water in the interior.
Painted Houses:
cracking of walls and arches, foundation settlements, degradation of plasters and filling mortars, deflection and decay of wooden elements.
Main interventions:
Palacio da Inquisição: Replacement of inadequate slab solutions with the inclusion of a reinforced concrete cover, full replacement of the roof structure with a steel structure, inclusion of a reinforced concrete core and reconstruction of the adjacent pavement with a hybrid steel-concrete structure, reinforcement of walls and creation of reinforced concrete walls.
Painted Houses: Construction of a steel roof structure, reinforcement of vaults, repairing of cracks in walls, domes and arches through injections with natural hydraulic lime grouts, reinforcement of walls.

Property owner:
Fundação Eugénio de Almeida
Arquiespaço – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda
Construtora San José, SA
End of works:
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