Banco de Portugal - Headquarters

The headquarters of Banco de Portugal are located in a pombaline block, between Rua do comércio, Rua de São Julião, Rua do Ouro and Praça do Município. Over two centuries, the block was gradually acquired and adapted by the Banco de Portugal, being the latest acquisition the São Julião Church. This complex was built over the rubble from the 1755 earthquake, thus replacing the original structures with reinforced concrete, steel and timber elements and vault slabs. The purpose of the intervention consisted of adapting the existing buildings to new functions and safety requirements, and also to ensure the seismic safety of the complex.
Main pathologies:
Decrease of seismic resistance due to the several changes that took place in the block. Existence of dissonant reinforced concrete structures in the church. Partial degradation of existing timber, masonry and steel structures.
Main interventions:
Seismic reinforcement, regularization of structural solutions and rehabilitation of degraded structures
Conversion of the Church to a museum space.
Removal of the base of the bell tower for the execution of a lift.
Adaptation and maintenance of the majority of the existing structures, even those resultant of previous interventions, being only reinforced or replace when necessary.
Strengthening of foundations with micropiles.
The most intrusive interventions were centralized in two sacrifice buildings, namely the construction of two reinforced concrete cores.
Property owner:
Banco de Portugal
Gonçalo Byrne and Falcão de Campos
HCI Construções
End of works:
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