Associação Industrial do Minho (A.I.M.)

AIM's facilities consist of three buildings. The first building with a 68,00 x 8,60 m rectangular configuration is occupied by the service areas and an auditorium. The second building consists of a 48,0 m x 48,0 m square configuration large nave and is a transition body for the other buildings with an approximately area of 27,0 m x 9,0 m. The third building, also for services, has a trapezoidal configuration with approximately 30m x 12m. We emphasize the second building structure, whose nave has a stayed roof and is supported by a triangular beam with 48,0 m span and 4,0 m high. The main bean supports transversal 24,0 m span beams, made of tubular steel sections. The main beam is supported by two steel columns made of hollow section elements, with an inverted triangle pyramids shape.
Construction area:
5 200 m2
Layout surface:
3 500 m2
Structural type:
Framed structure (and stayed roof)
Number of basements:
Buildings 1 and 3: 2 storeys ; Building 2: 1 storey
Number of storeys:
Building 1: 1 storey
Maximun spans:
Buildings 1 and 2: 6,0 m ; Building 3: 48,0 m
Slab Thickness:
0,20 m
Property owner:
José Soalheiro, Teresa Castro, Ana P. Calheiros
End of works:
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