Alhandra Viaduct

275,66 m length.
14,75 m + 14 x 15,00 m + 14,75 m)
Deck width 26.50 m, with 18 longitudinal beams
interconnected by ¼ span transverse girders.
Deck height 1,00 m.
V piers, with two sets of alignment, with a
maximum height of 11,00 m.
Main pathologies:
Reinforcement corrosion. Deterioration of the external prestressing used to strengthen the structure. Insufficient capacity to resist to seismic action.
Main interventions:
Local repairing.
General protection of concrete surfaces.
Seismic reinforcement through the installation of dampers and respective reaction structure.
Original Project:
Eng. Duarte Gaspar
Property owner:
End of works:
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