Restoration of the dome of the Faculty of Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

It has been repaired and restored the dome of the old Campolide College which, nowadays, operates as the Faculty of Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Dating from 1858, the buildings has been constructed under the order of  the Campany of Jesus, by Jesuit Charles John Rademarker, with the collaboration of two other Jesuits, Martin Robinson, a survivor of D. Miguel mission and a Spanich Jesuit.

Eng. João Appleton

in Pedra & Cal, nº 29, Jan  / Mar 2006

City Block named Recolhimento

Small City Block surrounded by street and alley Recolhimento and alley Forno do Castelo, somewhat different from the rest of the building massing and scale of the surrounding buildings that have no more than two storeys. With no relevant features or architectural elements, it has an asset value of the whole.

Arq. Luiz Moreira and António Garcia

in Architécti, nº 52, Out / Dez 2000