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A2P, used to manage all size projects, won the market with hard work and discernment. The office, headed by João and Júlio Appleton, bets own know-how and combine winsomely classical solutions with innovated ones.

Eng. João Appleton

in Construir,  nº 113, 16 November 2007

Revista Construir

Long span Slabs in Office Buildings, Residential and Hotels - Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Solutions

Sometimes, architectural solutions determine impossibility of apparent vertical support in building interior. This happens due to a range of reasons, such as the need of a flexible space occupation or the need of field of view free of obstacles, using, in these cases, cut-out slab structural solutions for high storeys. Pillars and walls location were limited to the facades and the vertical accessses perimeter, resulting long span slabs made of reinforced and prestressed concrete. There was an additional difficulty due to the limitation of avaiable thickness for structural solutions, leading to thin slabs.

Among this set of offices and housing buildings, three of them are already built. In the other building, still in project, the slabs will support the hotel rooms.All slabs are repeated on several successive levels and designed to support similar loads.

Eng. João Appleton

Eng. Nuno Travassos

in Engenharia e Vida, nº 32, February 2007